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Demo Cases

The main goal of the NeSSIE Project, which is co-financed by the EMFF, is to develop 3 investable demonstration projects based on innovative technologies to test, deploy and scale up new industry, service applications and solutions in anti-corrosion technology and new materials in wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors.

This competition is designed to connect project developers in offshore renewables with innovative supply chain companies in the offshore sector to develop commercial solutions for these corrosion and materials challenges. Solving of these challenges will reduce costs for developers and provide a multimillion-euro opportunity for innovative offshore supply companies across Europe.

Stage 1

Lead companies and projects identified

Project developers that have issues related to corrosion in the fields of offshore renewables are invited to put forward projects that relate to the specific challenges outlined in section 2. The proposals will be evaluated against the criteria outlined in section 3.3 by independent experts and the top three will progress to stage 2

Call opens 6th june 2018
Call closes 14th august 2018

Stage 2

Supply chain companies and consortiums established to deliver the projects

This stage will be developed in partnership with the successful project leads from stage 1. It will be focused on inviting suppliers to put forward solutions to the detailed corrosion challenges outlined by the lead companies selected in stage 1

Call opens 31st october 2018
Call closes 5th december 2018

Stage 3

Business cases developed and finance identified to deliver the projects

The partners on the project will provide the successful consortiums with a range of services to build detailed business cases and identify potential funding sources to deliver the projects

From JANUARY 2019
To APRIL 2019