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NeSSIE Steering Committee #10

28 March
Ravenna (IT)

The NeSSIE project partners will gather to monitor and plan the implementation of the project activities and networking with other initiatives.

It will be held in Ravenna (IT), hosted by Aster, the tenth Steering Committee meeting. Attendees will be the project managers of the NeSSIE consortium and members of the IAG (Industry Advisory Group). On the Agenda the monitoring of the project activities and outputs and the planning of those to be implemented in the last month of the project, which is due to be concluded at the end of April 2019.

On the following day, the NeSSIE partners will take part to a panel discussion and dissemination event devoted to "Offshore Renewable Energy: demo cases and innovative solutions for operation and maintenance" which features within the programme of the OMC 2019 exhibition.

Find out more and register here.


Jane Watters