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NeSSIE Steering Committee #8

27 November
Bilbao (Spain)

The NeSSIE project partners will gather to monitor and plan further the implementation of the project activities while networking with other initiatives.

It will be held in Bilbao (ES), hosted by Basque Energy Cluster, the eighth Steering Committee meeting. Attendees will be the project managers of the NeSSIE consortium and the members of the IAG. On the Agenda the monitoring of the implementation of project activities and the further planning of those to be carried out in the next quarter for the finalization of the Competition Stage 2.

On the next day, NeSSIE partners will be attending the ADMA Energy Pilot Meeting - Advanced manufacturing for energy related applications in harsh environments (and MRE Partnership) and joining in with the complementary European S3 Thematic Platforms Days: Conference and Meetings.


Johanna Money