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NeSSIE workshop “Offshore Renewable Energy innovative solutions for operation and maintenance” in Ravenna (IT)

29 March
Room A, Pala de André - Viale Europa, 1 @OMC 2019 - 48122 Ravenna (Italy)

The main goal of the NeSSIE Project is to develop 3 investable demonstration projects based on innovative technologies to test, deploy and scale up new industry, service applications and solutions in anti-corrosion technology and new materials in wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors.


  • Offshore renewable energy: worldwide market opportunities - Renata Archetti, University of Bologna
  • Roadmap: the challenges and opportunities of corrosion issues in the Offshore Renewable Energy market - Noor Van Velzen, University of Edinburgh
  • Corrosion issue: the NeSSIE approach to meet the challenges - Francesco Matteucci, ASTER
  • Case studies on corrosion issue: the Nessie Approach - Jan Reid, Scottish Enterprise
  • Offshore renewable energy. Experiences of ENI in the Mediterranean Sea - Andrea Alessi, ENI (t.b.c.)

Introduction and moderation – Stefano Valentini, ASTER

WHEN: Friday 29th March, 09.00 - 11.00

WHERE: Room A, Pala de André - Viale Europa, 1 - 48122 Ravenna @OMC 2019 Ravenna (Italy)


Further information please write to


Jane Watters