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Register to the NeSSIE Webinar on Competition Stage 2 - Q&A with the Project Developers

31 October 2018

Join the Nov.13th Webinar open to companies who are interested in submitting the Expression of Interest (EoI) in providing solutions to the NeSSIE demo cases.

Participants will have a chance to have insights from the 3 Project Developers (ATLANTIS, EMEC, SSE) on the specific technical challenges to fight corrosion issues, put forward in their projects.

After the webinar, participants will have a clear view on how the demonstration projects will be developed and what role the participating solution providers can play. Participants will also be able to evaluate whether the solutions they have to offer fit in one of the demonstration projects, and how they can communicate this to the NeSSIE team using the Expression of Interest form.

Registrations are now open! To find out more click here