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NeSSIE Workshop in Ravenna (IT) to share results of corrosion mapping study

29 November 2017

Nov 27th 2017 – Aster held a workshop in Ravenna (Italy) to introduce to offshore companies the first results of the WP2 - Mapping current corrosion solutions and new materials in the offshore sector and investment opportunities

Aster - Innovation Agency of the Emilia Romagna Region - together with the Innovation Centre of the Fondazione Flaminia (CIFLA) and the Ravenna Offshore Contractors Association (ROCA) organized on Monday the 27th of November in Ravenna (Italy) a workshop dedicated to the corrosion of materials in offshore structures.

The workshop agenda started with an introducion to the NeSSIE Project, the Emilia Romagna High Technology network and the importance of the PPP (public-private partnership) within the development of innovation projects, followed by a presentation held by Eng. Giulia Masi and Prof.ssa Bignozzi, University of Bologna DICAM Dept., that presented first their research activities within corrosion and then showed the Task 2.1 of the Nessie Project “Desktop study on materials, technologies and procedures for offshore structure design/protection/inspection/monitoring systems against corrosion”.

After these talks it followed a focus group in which each of the managers introduced its company and its activities related to corrosion. Besides, it was discussed the economic impact of corrosion within the offshore renewable and oil&gas field, the possibility to transfer part of the know-how developed within oil&gas to the wind industry and the development of the demonstration case. In conclusion, it was also discussed the interest of the Emilia Romagna Region to deepen the importance/impact of offshore activities within its Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) and it was confirmed the start-up from the University of Bologna of the first italian University Master Degree in Offshore Engineering.